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Church of Lemons UPDATE

Hello again!

I haven't been keeping you up to date very well, but better late than never, right? XD;;

This year's Church of Lemons is officially a go - as of a couple of weeks ago. In fact, we're already starting to come closer to the start of the posting period (Feb 7 to March 7). All kinds of wonderful pledges have already come in, but between the dates of Feb 20 and March 2 there is still over a week's worth of open slots.

The fandoms open for pledging are:

Gundam Wing
Gundam 00

So, if you're up to writing and reading lots of wonderful het smut for any of these fandoms, and 1xR smut in particular, hop over to the Love Reflection ML and PLEDGE! My soul is at stake. XD

If you're not a member of the ML and don't feel like joining, that's fine, by the way. cantabrasil03 and Tynan are in charge of organisational stuffs this year, there is an official CoL e-mail address ( ), and you can hassle any of those to submit your pledge and send in your fic so they can post it to the ML for you. Piece of cake!
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