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Church of Lemons 2010

Heads up everybody! Nothing official so far, but it won't be long now. It's nearing that time of year again and word has been going around lately about 2010's Church of Lemons.

Let me repeat that:
Church of Lemons 2010

Did that get your attention? :D

If you've never heard of this thing before, let me explain. Church of Lemons is a yearly fanworks event hosted at the Love Reflection Mailing List. It's very simple: a month or so in advance, everybody picks a date, a medium (fic, art, vid, etc), and a fandom, and sets out to create the hottest, most sexy fanwork they can. The "lemon" part probably already clued you in on that. ;) Then, due February, you start stressing because you're not done yet the lemons are posted to the ML for the masses to enjoy. Just think about it: new, freshly baked, delicious smut every day for a month. There are even prices to be won! (Probably. Like I said, nothing official yet. ^^; )

The main focus has always been the Heero x Relena pairing from Gundam Wing, but any other het pairing from GW (that doesn't break up 1xR) is welcome, and every year a small selection of other fandom is added by popular demand. If you're interested in joining in on the fun, keep your eyes pealed, drop a line so we know how much participation we might expect, maybe hop over to the ML to get acquiainted, and most importantly, SPREAD THE WORD!  Whoo!
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