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Gundam Girls

Honor our Gundam Girls!
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Welcome to the Gundam Girls community! The place where you can honor the women in all of the Gundam Series, (not just Gundam Wing) who have fought so bravely to protect their planet (or destroy it or whatever..^_^;;)! Please introduce yourself if you're new to the community. Feel free to submit livejournal icons, drawings, paintings, stories, fanfics, wallpapers, mp3's or whatever else you feel like submitting! Talk about your favorite gundam female and why you like her so much! Advertise your Gundam communities or websites if you want! You can even be a boy to join, (but if you say something perverted about one of the women from a series, I'll ban you..>_________>)

One more thing, ABSOLUTELY NO CHARACTER BASHING!! I don't care how much you hate a character, this is not the place to discuss it. This place is for discussing the girls you LIKE not the ones you hate, understand? If I see a character bashing, I'll warn/ban you depending on the content. (I'll probably warn you first and edit the offensive post because I don't like banning people. ;-;) So PLEASE keep your hatred to yourself. If you don't like a character, all you need to say is, "I don't really like so-and-so too much..." But do it in your OWN post and not leave a comment in someone else's because you don't like the character they mention. If you feel like you HAVE to say you don't like a certain character, make sure you put in the same post, the character(s) you DO like. DO NOT say "OMG I HATE HER SO MUCH! SHE IS SO UGLY AND ANNOYING AND I CAN'T STAND HER VOICE!!!" Please be nice about it..>_> You have a right to like whatever you want but don't hurt other people's feelings. Thank you everyone! (Sorry if this sounds a bit mean, but I'm so sick of the people who hate a character so much that they make other people feel bad for liking them, and we don't want anyone's feelings hurt here, ok?)

Anywho, that's all! And remember we all love each other here so be nice ok? ^_^

Moderator = wesangel