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Long, loooong after Women of Summer ended...

...I finally came back to post more fics. XD;; I didn't end up writing very much. Vacation abroad came up, and writer's block, and other things... *sob* But what little I did write, I have come to share with you. Hope you'll enjoy. ^_^

Lady Une: Cheating Doesn't Work That Way - The less gruesome consequences of having a split personality...
Cathy: Catherine 101 - A Cathy character study focussing on how her orphanhood and life at the circus made her into who she is - and bearing the most unimaginative title ever. XD
Sister Helen: Raising the Dead - 2xR with an Episode Zero flavour.

Middie Une:
Sayings - A girl. A cross. A war.
Little Coloured Blocks - Ten-year-old Middie and No-Name act their age. Sort of.

Some more Middie, because I love her like woah and there is far FAR too little fic for her around:
When Spies have... - A series of one-shots in which Middie meets all the rest of the cast. And I mean ALL - right down to Treize, who is, if you'll remember, dead. Trowa is not amused.
Once You've Befriended the Locals - Not-quite-sidestory to "When Spies have...", set in the same continuity but can be read as a stand-alone perfectly fine. One night at Preventor's, Heero comes to ask Middie a strange favour.

And last but not least:
Bad Habits - Hilde has a habit of leaving her discarded clothing lying around. Duo doesn’t mind. At least, until...
Duck Foetus Egg - "Why are you so opposed to eating babies?" An inevitable question for every visit to specialty restaurants. Quatre x Dorothy
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