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Women of Summer

Hello again! ^_^

I thought I'd let the comm know about the Women of Summer challenge over on gw500. The annual Summer Challenge in that comm has started, and this year, the theme is Women of Summer. Every week, writers are challenged to write a short fic (around 500 words, as the comm name says) centered around a female Gundam Wing character. Relena, Lady Une and Cathy have already featured, but the challenge will run until August 27th.

I hope some of you will join in the summer challenges! There's already been lots of great fic, but more is always better when it comes to our ever-underappreciated Gundam ladies, isn't it? ;)

Here are my entries for Relena:

Women of Summer - Relena x Dorothy fluff
Into the Blue - Relena on the night of her fifteenth birthday
Princesses Can't be Choosers - young!Relena & Mrs Darlian
The Locus of Victory and Defeat - Relena & Heero in Sank
Define and Conquer - Relena & Wufei bonding
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