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hello, I am German_Native though I really do want to change my name >_> but anyways, I feel I should be more active and make new friends since I have been dormant for a few years. Yes been a long time! I decided to see if anyone had any communities about g gundam. And I found a few! I'll start by saying I do mainly like the girls of Gundam Wing a tad more than G Gundam sadly. I dont hate any though, and its for silly reasons like mere annoyance and thats all ^^ I am sort of an odd duck in that sense. Who is it I dont' exactly like? Well...really just the princess Marie Louise, and Chibodee's girls. *the four is just because he's my favorite* I dont dislike allenby but she's not my favorite either. She' the middle. But anyway, I wish there were more gundam fighters who were girls,thats awesome so Allenby gets brownie points there ^^ In Gundam Wing the only girls who sorta bugged me were dorothy and hilde *again cause Duo's my fave >_> nothing against her personally*. My friend and I have been into both for quite awhile though I am not sure if she still is. I am XD Soooo.....I'll be quiet now ^^ by the way you can just call me ax. Or jin. whatever works for you XD
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